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dental crowns

If your child has a deep cavity or has broken or chipped one of their teeth in an accident, a dental crown from Dr. Mukund Patel or Dr. Raj Patel is the option for restoring their smile quickly and keeping their teeth healthy. Learn more about crowns below, or contact us to schedule an appointment in Yardley, Bensalem, or Warrington today.

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How they Works

understanding dental crowns

Dental crowns are the best way to restore and protect a damaged baby tooth or adult tooth. If your child’s tooth is damaged by tooth decay or an oral injury and you do not get treatment, their condition may get worse, and they could even lose their tooth.

That’s where dental crowns come in. They are typically made of metal or porcelain, and are intended to look and feel just like a natural tooth. Your child’s natural tooth will be trimmed, and then the crown will be bonded to the tooth structure using powerful dental cement, locking it into place permanently. 
By covering up the remaining tooth structure, a crown protects the tooth from further damage, and allows them to smile, speak, and chew normally without any pain or discomfort.

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stainless steel & porcelain crowns

We offer both stainless steel and porcelain crowns, which are pre-fitted to ensure that we can treat the damaged tooth in just a single appointment. Stainless steel crowns are very strong and durable, and are the most affordable method of tooth restoration. They are commonly used for restoring rear teeth like the molars, and are only used for restoring primary (baby) teeth.
We also offer pre-fitted porcelain crowns that look and feel more like natural teeth. These crowns are a great alternative to stainless steel crowns for kids who have decayed or damaged front teeth. The crown will look and feel just like a natural tooth, keeping their smile bright.

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what to expect

The crown placement process

The crown placement process for baby teeth is simple, fast, and minimally-invasive at Sea of Smile Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Mukund or Dr. Raj will begin by cleaning your child’s mouth, numbing the area, and trimming the tooth to remove any remaining damaged enamel. 

Once your child’s tooth has been prepared, they will choose a pre-fitted stainless steel or porcelain crown that will fit perfectly over their tooth structure. Once they have chosen the proper crown, they will use a special dental adhesive to bond it in place permanently, restoring your child’s tooth.

For adult teeth, the process is a bit different. After cleaning and trimming your child’s tooth, Dr. Raj or Dr. Mukund will take impressions of the teeth with dental putty. These impressions will be sent to a dental lab where your child’s crown will be custom-made to ensure that it matches their surrounding teeth. 

Your child will be sent home with a temporary crown to wear for the next few weeks, until their custom crown arrives at our office. Then, they’ll come back in for a followup, and Dr. Raj or Dr. Mukund will check the fit of their crown, then bond it into place permanently to restore their smile.

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