How You Can Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy When They Can’t See The Dentist

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, many pediatric dental offices are only seeing kids for emergency dentistry, including Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. Until further notice, we’re only seeing kids for emergency care, and preventive treatments will be delayed.

Wondering how you can make sure your child’s smile stays in great shape until they can come and see Dr. Mukund Patel and Dr. Raj Patel? Here are a few of our top tips.

1. Make Sure Their Teeth Are Brushed Properly

First and foremost, make sure their teeth are brushed twice every day for at least two minutes. Brushing once in the morning and once at night is the best option. 

If your child is under 6 years old, you’ll likely still be brushing for them, so you can ensure you use the proper technique. For kids who are older than 6, you should supervise their brushing routine to ensure they clean all of their teeth, and brush for the recommended amount of time.

2. Introduce Daily Flossing To Their Oral Hygiene Routine

You’ll have to floss for your kid until they’re about 10, since it can be quite difficult to learn how to floss properly. Flossing is just as important for kids as it is for adults. It will keep their teeth clean, and minimize their risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Not sure how to floss your child’s teeth properly? Click here for a quick video guide on flossing technique. 

3. Feed Them Foods That Are Healthy For Their Mouths & Bodies

Sugary snacks like gummies, cookies, and candy are always a hit with kids, but aren’t ideal for their oral health. The same is true of chips, pretzels, and other snacks with lots of simple carbohydrates, and sugary drinks like juice and soda.

Minimize the amount of these foods and drinks that your child consumes. Instead, try to feed them a diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy dairy like milk and yogurt, lean meat like chicken, and whole grain bread. 

4. Minimize Daily Snacking

You should stick to a schedule of 3 meals a day plus one or two snack times. Feeding your child snacks throughout the day can cause food and bacteria to build up more quickly than their saliva can remove it, contributing to tooth decay. 

5. Keep Them Hydrated 

Proper hydration helps with saliva flow, and is good for your child’s overall health. Make sure they’re drinking plenty of water to keep them hydrated and healthy, and to lower their risk of cavities and gum disease.

Follow These Tips For Better Oral Health For Kids 

While you may not be able to see the dentist in Yardley, Bensalem or Warrington, you can follow a few simple tips to make sure your child’s mouth stays healthy until they can come and see Dr. Mukund Patel or Dr. Raj Patel. Need an emergency appointment for your child? We’re here to help at Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. Contact us at (267) 392-5878 to get the care your little one needs.