Dental Care for Children 0-3 – What You Should Expect

If you’re a proud new parent, you may be wondering what to expect from dental care during your child’s infancy and toddlerhood. In this part of our blog series, we’ll discuss what you can expect from your child’s birth until the age of 3. Read on, and learn with Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. 

Your Child’s First Teeth Will Come In Between 6-12 Months

In most kids, the first front teeth will come in between the ages of 6-12 months. Teething can be a challenge for parents, but since front teeth are smaller, your child may not be cranky or irritable, or show other signs of teething discomfort when these teeth come in.

Pain and discomfort are more common when the rear teeth come in, which happens around the age of 2 or 3. This is because the molars are much bigger and disrupt the gums more when they emerge. 

You Should See A Dentist When Your Child’s First Tooth Comes Out

The AAPD recommends that your little one see a dental professional when their first tooth emerges, or when they turn 1 year old. This is a great time to see us for your child’s first “lap exam.”

During this appointment, you can hold your little one on your lap, and one of our pediatric dentists will examine their mouth, check on their oral health, and answer any questions you may have about their oral development. 

All Of Your Childs’ Teeth Will Erupt By 2-3 Years

This can vary, and some kids may have their final teeth come in a bit later. But in most cases, your child will have all 24 primary or “baby” teeth by the time they’re 3 years old. 

They will keep all of these teeth until they’re about 6, when their front baby teeth will fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. Between the ages of 6-12, all of their baby teeth will fall out and their permanent adult teeth will erupt. 

Proper Oral Care For Infants & Toddlers – Quick Tips

Wondering how to care for your child’s mouth when they’re 0-3 years of age? Here are a few quick tips. 

  • Clean their gums with a cloth – Even before their teeth erupt, clean their gums with a clean cloth after they feed to remove milk or formula and eliminate bacteria. Once their teeth emerge, continue cleaning their gums with a cloth until most of their teeth have erupted. Once most of their teeth have erupted, you can gently brush the gums instead.

  • Brush each tooth with fluoride toothpaste – Use a grain-of-rice-sized blob until your child knows how to spit on command. Once your child can spit, you can increase this to a blob about the size of a pea.

  • Never put your child to bed with a bottle (unless it’s water) – This helps avoid “bottle mouth.” If your child goes to bed with milk or formula in their bottle, they will drink it and it will sit on their teeth, potentially causing serious tooth decay. 

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