Can You Put Dental Crowns On A Child? Yes – And Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea!

If your child has a cavity or a damaged tooth, you may be wondering if it’s possible to put a dental crown on their tooth to repair it. The answer is “yes!” And in this blog from Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we’ll explain the basics about pediatric dental crowns, why they're used, and their benefits.

Kids Of All Ages Can Get Dental Crowns To Repair Their Teeth

Basically, a dental crown is a hollow false tooth. The crown is designed to cover up all of your child’s remaining tooth structure and protect it from further damage or decay. Crowns are usually the best way to treat severely decayed and damaged teeth in kids of all ages, from infants to older kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults, too. 

When treating baby teeth, stainless steel crowns are used. These pre-fitted crowns can be placed in just one appointment. If your child has a damaged adult tooth, your dentist at Sea of Smiles will likely recommend a porcelain crown. These crowns look and feel more natural, but it takes multiple appointments to get them, since each porcelain crown must be custom-made to fit your child’s mouth.

What To Expect From The Stainless Steel Crown Placement Process

Usually, it takes less than an hour for a child to get a stainless steel crown at Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. Here’s what you can expect from the process.

  • Numbing and prep – First, your child’s dentist will clean and numb your child’s mouth. We also offer sedation dentistry to help keep your child comfortable. Depending on the situation, your child’s dentist may also need to trim the tooth to make room for the crown and prepare it for the crown.

  • Placing the crown – Once your child’s tooth has been prepped, their dentist will select a pre-fitted stainless steel crown. Then, they will use dental cement to place it on top of their damaged tooth, restoring it and repairing it.

  • Aftercare – Crowns require minimal aftercare, so you can get back to your normal daily routine right away. Your child can eat as soon as their mouth is no longer numb, and should continue brushing and flossing normally.

Understanding The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

Are you wondering why stainless steel dental crowns are used to repair baby teeth? Compared to other types of crowns, steel crowns have a number of unique benefits: 

  • Affordable care – Stainless steel crowns are less expensive than other types of crowns, which is a good thing. Baby teeth are meant to fall out eventually, so it makes sense to choose a more affordable treatment.

  • Superior protection – Crowns provide better protection than fillings, so they are often a better choice for moderate or severe decay.

  • Non-invasive – In some cases, it may not even be necessary to trim your child’s tooth to place a dental crown, which means it’s easier for them to get the care they need at Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.

  • Fast treatment – Since a wide variety of pre-fitted crowns are available to choose from, stainless steel crowns require only a single appointment at Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.

Set Sail For Sea Of Smiles – Get The Pediatric Crowns Your Little One Needs

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