Are Your Child’s Teeth Erupting? Here Are Some Issues To Look Out For

Kids usually get their first tooth between the ages of 6-12 months, though it may take a bit longer for some children. If your child’s teeth are erupting, there are a few dental health issues you may want to look out for as they continue to grow and get their baby teeth. Read on for more information from Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

1. Permanent Teeth That Don’t Erupt

In some cases, congenital abnormalities may mean that one or more baby teeth simply won’t appear. This usually means that there is no permanent tooth in the area, either. This condition is known as “hypodontia,” and it occurs in up to 20% of all Americans. While it affects the wisdom teeth the most often, it can affect any tooth in your child’s mouth.

If it seems like your child is missing one or more baby or permanent teeth, come to Sea of Smiles for an appointment so that we can take x-rays, evaluate your child’s teeth, and provide them with the care they need. 

2. Baby Teeth That Don’t Fall Out

If your child is missing a permanent tooth but has a baby tooth, the roots of the tooth may not dissolve, and the tooth may stay in the mouth indefinitely. This may not cause any dental problems, so your dentist at Sea of Smiles may recommend leaving the tooth in place.

However, sometimes the roots of a baby tooth may fuse to the jaw bone in a condition known as “ankylosis.” This is not good, because the baby tooth can prevent the proper eruption of the permanent teeth. You should see a dentist for a consultation if your child’s baby teeth do not seem to be falling out in the proper order. 

3. Impacted Permanent Teeth 

If a baby tooth blocks the eruption of a permanent tooth, this is called “impaction.” Impaction can also happen if the permanent tooth grows and erupts sideways.

Impaction can cause pressure and disruption to the surrounding teeth, and cause teeth shifting, pain when chewing, and other such painful problems. Depending on the tooth, your dentist at Sea of Smiles may recommend surgery to expose the tooth and orthodontic treatment, or extraction of the tooth may be required. 

4. Misplaced Permanent Teeth

The permanent teeth don’t always come out where they’re supposed to. This is called an “ectopic eruption,” and it occurs when the tooth structure sits in the wrong part of the jaw. This problem can be caused by the rate of jaw growth and the position of some of the other teeth.

This issue is the most common among first molars, as well as the upper canine teeth and the lower jaw. The issue will sometimes correct itself by the time your child is 7 years old. But if this doesn’t happen, extraction or surgical treatment to correct and straighten the tooth may be required. 

Got Questions About Teething? Come To Sea Of Smiles! 

Whether your child just started teething, or you’re the parent of an older child who is starting to get their first permanent teeth, Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is here to help. To make sure your child’s mouth is developing properly, just give contact us for a consultation with a pediatric dentist in Yardley, Bensalem, or Warrington.